Aquatic Tribes

Our Fundemental Intent Is To Educate Humanity On Our Aquatic Nature,
To Strengthen Our Personal Vitality, The Vitality Of Our Children
And The Vitality Of Our Communities.

Our Focus Starts With The Individual, Emphasizing An Awareness Of
The Divine "Flow" Of This Instant "Now", Self Understanding, and Self Love.
Building On The Foundations Of Heart Conscious Individuals, And Love Conscious Families,
Our Objective Is To Develop Aquatic Tribal Communities That Strengthen Our Collective Well Being And
Create Environments Where We All, Especially Our Children, Can Be The Very Best We Can Be.

Being To Being Communications
Spirit To Spirt Communications
Different And Equals

Questions Of Balance

May "The Divine Flow" Of This
Magical, Mystical, Spiritual, Instant "Now"
Be The Wind In Our Sails

Mar 14, 2009 - Aug 21, 2018
D W Klousie