Healing Abuse

Our Intent Is To Communicate Accurate,
Timely, And Verifiable Information,
To Help Us All Evolve Spiritually And Evolve Physically
"Faster Quick Smoother"

Wherever Suppressed Emotionally Charged Memories Are Stored In The Body
The Energy Flow Through Those Areas Is Not Smooth And
Eventually Those Areas Become Unhealthy

The Most Ancient Way Of Dealing With Emotionally Charged Memories
Is To Find The Suppressed Emotionally Charged Memories
Bring Them To Conscious Awareness
Remove Some Of The Emotional Charge
By Adding Love, Understanding and Awareness
About The Abuse, The Abuser, The Root Cause Of Abuse
And Then Let The Less Charged Memories Fade

The Next Time The Emotionally Charged Memories Are Triggered
They Come To Conscious Awareness With Less Emotional Charge
Because The Memories Now Contain The Original Memories And
The Added Love, Understanding and Awareness

When Emotionally Charged Memories Are Triggered Again
Add More Love, Understanding and Awareness
And Again Let The Less Charged Memories Fade

This Method Is Repeated As Often As Nescessary
And Eventually The Emotionally Charge Memories
Are Replaced With Love, Understanding and Awareness
Then The Energy Flow Through The Effected Areas Becomes Healthy Again

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Aug 21, 2019
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Questions Of Balance

May "The Divine Flow" Of This
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Aug 21, 2018 - Aug 21, 2019
D W Klousie